The Way Out

The Howlin' Wolf

July 29, 2004

Local rock quintet The Way Out were on the right track Thursday night at The Howlin’ Wolf. Despite their age of seventeen, the band displayed a mature sense of dynamics. They had passion for a vast palette of sound(by way of an e-bow or mallet) that normally comes later in life. I wouldn’t be surprised if these guys know more about music than I do.

Unfortunately, knowing and doing are two different things. This was The Way Out’s first nightclub show—the bouncer actually made them stand outside between sets. Inexperience showed in their shy demeanor. This tightness made small mistakes big, it curtailed their energy, and it simply made the music less engaging. It’s normal for people not to play up to their potential when they’re nervous. Next time around, the lead singer should attack the microphone, and the guys should have fun up there. Jump around a bit. Granted, the subtleties in their sensitive and layered music(keyboards, guitar, bass and drums) don’t call for freak-outs, but they need to convince the crowd that at least they like the music. The band had their moments. At one point, I stood there and felt moved by the music, like for a second everything fit.

These guys have all the time in the world, and I envy them for it. They should work on developing the songs and their stage presence, which will naturally come with more gigs played. They did a nice cover of The Beatles’ “Let It Be.” Like I said—they’re on the right track.

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