The Circle Bar

July 27, 2004

Rhythm guitarist Brvtvs, lead guitarist Avgvstvs, and drummer Antonivs hung out on the Circle Bar porch before their set. When it was time, they put on togas and headbands fashioned out of steel and leaves.

And then there were the sunglasses. Brvtvs' golden Elvis frames went well with their no frills, testosterone drenched rock. "Baby,, that..." It was dumb, silly, and fun. Brvtvs jumped on top of the kick drum and sang about how Caesar wouldn't let him do LSD. Also, Jesus didn't like MSG. But, not because he had anything against Chinese food. That's what I heard, anyway. Maximvs would have been the perfect house band for the "Animal House" movie. '50's guitars in your face with no bass.* A little punk, too. Luke Allen from The Happy Talk Band took the mic to do improvised punk nonsense for one number. A great example of the fun-loving vibe last night.

It was a great touch that some of the songs were tongue-in-cheek addresses on everyday Roman problems. Brvtvs cracked jokes, and the ample crowd were into the 45 minute set. Antonivs was sitting in, so check them out for maybe an even better show next time. Their silly rock sounded good. Not because the music was technically beautiful. Because they were energetic and passionate.

*"The gypsies had no homes, The Doors had no bass. What do you need a safety net for when you're free-flyin' with The Doors?! Viva La Doors!"--Kids In The Hall

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