Master Ew

The Blue Nile

July 24, 2004

Master Ew was hit or miss. Their show was enjoyable when they stuck to melody and hooks. When they noodled and jammed on no particular theme, the concert was pretty boring at The Blue Nile Saturday night.

The local drums/guitar/organ band's prideful boasts about an upcoming song's energy were annoying when it was anything but energetic. They tried to get the crowd to come closer, but by the end of the set, a row of seats that had been full were empty. So, needless to say, that didn't work. It didn't help my enjoyment of the show when the drummer argued with the keyboardist in a non vocal way. Bad vibes. In addition, the guitarist barely acknowledged the other members, and he was pretty lifeless.

Master Ew tried to do the groove/soul thing with jazz tendencies, but I wasn't impressed. These guys need to get a better attitude, and they need to stick to the catchier stuff. In other words, a masturbatory drum solo with no reason or direction helps no one.

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