...And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead

Coachella Music Festival

May 01, 2004


...And You Will Know Us By The Trail of Dead pounded me into the ground. The Austin quartet's raw attack and sound was reminiscent of Fugazi, but they also had a penchant for unconventional song structure and dreaminess. They mixed heaviness with offbeat hooks so well that I forgot I was rocking out in 3/4 time. They played angry contemplative music that bloomed bright tones inside of darkness. AYWKUBTTOD drove the rock home with astounding force, precision, and passion.

They have been together since '94, have three albums, and consist of guitarist Kevin Allen, bassist Neil Busch, and singers/guitarists/drummers Jason Reece and Conrad Keeley. AYWKUBTOD played on an outdoor stage Friday afternoon.

They employed two drummers very well. Both played different parts during a song. One played the main beat while the other added color and flourishes on a timpani. Or, the two played together and tried to blow my eardrums out.

The beats were so good that they hurt me. Hurts so good. C'mon, baby, make it…never mind.

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