Alexandra Scott and Colin Brown

Carrollton Station

July 20, 2004


For Rockers Colin Brown and Dave Fera, the new acoustic night at Carrollton Station on Tuesday allowed them to break away from their louder bands--Motorway and Big Blue Marble, respectively. Brown and Fera played acoustic originals and covers with Alexandra Scott and other friends. Brown and Scott anchored the night, and for the next six weeks they’ll bring in local guitar luminaries.

At one point, Brown, Fera, Scott and guitarist/vocalist extraordinaire Sara Lucas were on the same stage together. They did duo and solo performances(Lucas did a beautiful Bessie Smith cover, and Scott paid homage to Steve Earle). Considering it was the first of seven, last night’s concert was well attended. Everyone was rewarded. All the performers played beautiful songs with candy-coated voices--especially Fera. He wailed.

It’s free! What else are you doing on a Tuesday night? Go hear some talented people play good music.

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