The Circle Bar

July 19, 2004

It wasn’t really a date concert. Maybe if you’ve been with your significant other for more than six months. Depends on if your girlfriend or boyfriend would mind a skinny, red-faced, cowboy-hat wearing man screaming in their face about sex, masturbation or ejaculation. The couples at OLD’s happy hour concert at The Circle Bar Monday seemed to enjoy it. In fact, everybody was cracking up as lead singer Dave Turgeon did an over-the-top take on sexual topics. He accosted people a lot, dragged the mic to the back of the bar, and rolled on the ground. He was still looking forward to drinking at this point. The country/rock band was bassist Red Devecca, lap steel guitarist Chuck Gwortney, drummer Greg Surrey and guitarist Johnny J.

The lyrics were pretty raunchy, but they were funny and not annoying because the band had musical chops to back up their attitude. The band spoke about “giving love,” but even when they slowed things down from a mid-tempo pace, the lyrics would have made your Mom blush—or laugh. Like I said—it depends. Turgeon said their last show they cleared the room, and I believe it. It’d be a safe assumption that you need to be in a lighthearted mood to enjoy the show.

The highlight of the show was a parody of Billy Ray Cyrus’ “Achy Breaky Heart.” Something about a fart blowing up and killing this man. The whole song was about farts. Billy Ray may seem like an easy target, but it’s difficult to write funny lyrics. So—good job, Turgeon.

The band reminded me of five perverted uncles who got together to magnify their power of perversion. Mission accomplished.

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