Stooges Vs. Soul Rebels


July 16, 2004

Who was the genius that appointed a former Stooges player as the judge of crowd applause Friday night at Tipitina's? He was fair, so it didn't matter. But, he had a catchphrase(Yeah, yeah!) that made Lil John look smart.

The Stooges(formerly 'Lil) Brass Band took on the Soul Rebels Brass Band for supremacy, and it was a no contest battle. Stooges all the way. When the winner was judged by crowd reaction after each band played an hour set, it seemed as if Soul Rebels won. They were both good, but the Stooges had a few tricks up their sleeve, and the vibe was better during their set.

It took a while for Soul Rebels to warm up. They let sound problems get to their head, and it seemed like they were going through the motions until halfway through their performance. They started off to a cold crowd, but they tried to rile people up with handclapping. The Soul Rebels did their usual bunch of hip-hop influenced songs, and then they left.

The Stooges hit the stage with eleven members and t-shirts that spelled out--you guessed it--Lil Stooges. They had eleven members, and Soul Rebels only had seven, so Stooges had the obvious advantage. The Stooges were louder, and they were more forceful. Also, the Stooges worked a warm crowd from the start, but they didn't stop. I don't think there was a song break. They hit it and did not quit it. Once the crowd was dancin' crazy and down with the band, the group pulled out their two wild cards and sealed the deal. Troy Andrews bounded onto the stage with an amount of confidence he normally doesn't show. He killed the trumpet--blew crazy silly like he had something to prove. So, Andrews' support made the Soul Rebels look bad. Next up--Three Mardi Gras Indians strolled through the crowd and got onstage to rap and dance with the band. Winner! I don't care--if you pull out the Indians in the middle of Summer, you win.

So, I think the Stooges won, but send me an e-mail if you think differently, and I'll post the results here.

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