G. Love & Special Sauce


July 13, 2004

It was up to local bassist Andy Wolf. Do or die. Boost the cityís pride as the temporary bassist on G. Love & Special Sauceís upcoming tour or return to his Latin band, Los Vecinos. Make some money and connections or go back to selling real estate.

After his impressive performance at G. Love's 12:30 a.m. late show Wednesday morning at d.b.a., I'd give him the job. Wolf was nervous, but he breezed through the songs. He required pre-song instruction or guiding head nods from G. Love only a few times. I was up at the front during the concert, just a few feet from G. Love. Going with the "hometown boy hopefully makes good" vibe, I yelled that Wolf was the best bassist in the world. Iím not sure if that helped or hurt his chances.

G. Love(real name: Garrett Dutton) was backed by local implant/drummer Jeffrey Clemens. The place was packed, since word leaked G. Love was playing an unadvertised show. People posed with G. Love for photos, and girls stood on amps to get a better view.

It was a party in d.b.a. The All Music Guide described G. Loveís music as "laid-back sloppy blues," and the music definitely had a chill, communal vibe. G. Loveís earthy blues influences were evident in his solos and playing, but in the end the concert was all about satisfying the party people.

Clemens created body moving with his hot beats, and G. Loveís rapping got the people's heads swaying. The groove was solid. G. Love clapped his knees together to keep rhythm as he played his acoustic guitar and harmonica with confidence. Clemens was on it, smiling all the way. I see why G. Love concerts are coveted things.

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