One Eyed Jack's

July 09, 2004

The Hazard County Girls and other devotees leaned over the front of the stage during the Suplecs set Friday night at One Eyed Jack’s. Only a few feet of height, two sound monitors, and two mic stands separated them from the band. For most of the concert, the front row acted like an angry horde that couldn’t get enough of the Suplecs' groove-heavy metal. They headbanged, threw fists with Rock horns, stoked a guitar solo Jimi Hendrix-style with dancing fingers, and motioned to themselves with the same epilectic digits—as if to say with admonishment: “Bring it! Is that all you got!? Keep giving us the rock or I will jump up onstage and do it myself!” So, yeah, it was an energetic concert.

Suplecs(drummer Andrew Preen, guitarist/vocalist Durel Yates, and bassist/vocalist Danny Nick) played dark, loud, and catchy rock that moved at the perfect sludgy pace to induce slow-motion headbanging. They were the missing link between Fu Manchu and The Melvins. The band turned down the volume for a minute to add contrast a few times, but they were mostly in-your-face.

Preen was the wild card. He moved around the set with a jazz sensibility and ease. His speed, thunderous tom fills, and long-hair-gone-wild playing style recalled a Nirvana-era Dave Grohl. Only better. With the base laid, Yates added gasoline to the fire with shredding solos. Nick was great on speedy bass, but he was more important as the band’s spokesman. He made self-deprecating comments about the band’s appearance, and his laid-back manner felt appropriate for a band from Metairie.

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