One Eyed Jacks

July 09, 2004


Pocketfoxx played sexy rock music, and there was no better way to get across their sensual grooves than with a gorgeous lead singer. Vocalist/keyboardist Yanti Turang joined guitarist John Siegal, bassist Kelly Smith, and drummer Jay Robert for straightforward, vibrant local rock Friday night at One Eyed Jackís.

Turang broke out a new low-cut zebra spotted dress, and Iíll just say that it didnít hurt the show. Pocketfoxx would be enjoyable in CD form, but Turangís looks and energy were the backbone of the concert. Including hair throws, she had her stripper moves down. She created crowd connection and appreciation for the music when she rocked out close to Siegal while he soloed. Seeing them enjoy the music made me get into it more.

Pocketfoxx didnít play like the first of three bands. They performed with the take-charge gusto of a headliner, and the crowd picked up on it. People slowly filled the area in front of the stage as the show went on until the amount of camera flashes became annoying(Guilty). Yanti talked to the crowd and was engaging. Her Australian accent was disarming, and it made me pay more attention to the music because I thought maybe they were a talented touring band. Thatís not the way it should be, but oh well.

Pocketfoxx came back for an encore--strange but requested and deserved. They did an acoustic folk sing-along with Robert on tambourine.

There were no stage tricks, no strange costumes. Pocketfoxx were simply a solid rock band that sung about having sex in the back of cars. Not for the whole concert. Just for one song.

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