Jeffrey Clemens

The Circle Bar

July 07, 2004

Jeffrey Clemens made sure I mentioned his superb choice of shoes and socks, so there is a photo to your right. Fashionista!

Clemens and Steve Dimant picked up acoustic guitars for folk and white boy soul Wednesday night at The Circle Bar. Clemens had a raspy Springsteen vocal sound, so you could say Dimant played Stevie Van Zandt to Clemensí Boss. I prefer the Unplugged version of Richie Sambora and Jon Bon Jovi, myself.

The songs were originals and covers. Since I donít know a lot of old, crappy music, I couldnít tell which was which. That was a joke. Clemens played heartfelt songs bolstered by Dimantís solos and the way he deftly weaved in and out of Clemensí main lines. It was nice when they changed meters but managed to keep the musicís pop sensibility intact.

Problems: For the love songs, Clemens' vocal style was grating. In addition, the show wasn't exciting. When people started talking above the band, I took off. The songs were mediocre to good, but even when they were pleasing, they weren't exactly interesting.

I left the show appreciative that Clemens shared his music and the music he loves. That wasn't enough to make the experience worthwhile, though. I won't be back.

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