Jesse Moore

The Dragon's Den

July 05, 2004

Jesse Moore and his band played easy-listening blues at The Dragon’s Den Monday night. Not hard time killing floor blues—something softer and more spiritual. Lovely harmonies with his percussionist/back-up singer recalled good-times roots rock, but Moore was hard to pin down. For one number, his tone was dark and spooky, and for other songs he added funk, Caribbean soul and second-line struts. Acoustic guitarist/vocalist Moore was backed by drummer Eddie Christmas, bassist William Terry, and electric guitarist Marc Stone.

His original tunes were pleasing and stomp-worthy. The band never got too rollicking or crazy. Moore traded aggressiveness for subtle feelings transmitted by his interplay with Stone. The electric guitarist added color, not solos, and this helped birth a smooth spirituality in the music.

Some songs were plaintive, but no mater the mood, the rhythm was always hot. Christmas was there to hold things down hardcore. What a talented drummer! He knew how to accentuate guitar hooks. In addition, he knew exactly when to hold back and when to add some complicated fills for spice. This was the second time Christmas played with Moore, so with a little more practice, they will definitely be tour-worthy.

Moore was in control the whole set, orchestrating the music with hand motions to his band members. Here’s a stylistic suggestion: let Christmas pump things up with some funkier tunes. Man, I bet he could make things nasty.

Good tunes with a band on the verge of making them better.

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