Gypsy Blue

The Spotted Cat

July 01, 2004

Gypsy Blue played upbeat jazz that rarely swung at The Spotted Cat Thursday night. The local quintet’s music was mostly a mid-tempo agreeable wash—like when the morphine drip kicks in. The band was guitarist Pierre, pianist/steel drummer Peter, saxophonist Roger, bassist Sam, and drummer Hyumi.

The band was tight, and their drowsy, good-time music was very enjoyable. Pierre provided a European lilt with his French black chapeau and vocals, while Peter added a Caribbean laid-back feel with a steel drum. It was inspiring when Peter played it and the piano simultaneously, but things got really exciting when he laid down a flight-of-fingers piano solo that even impressed Pierre.

Hyumi was refreshing. Finally, a talented local female jazz drummer. She gave the set vitality with her off-kilter beats and her joyful interaction with the other band members. She fooled with Peter’s tambourine and extended song endings just to get a laugh out of Pierre.

Between songs, two of the band members were fooling around with the main line of the Professor Longhair popularized “Big Chief.” After an audience member yelled they should play it, the band slowly broke into the song and did a pretty good version. Since Mardi Gras was halfway across the year, it was nice to hear the song, especially as it came from such a subtle band.

Gypsy Blue played an early set during a rainy day, so not too many people came out. Those who did enjoyed the show, though. What’s not to enjoy?

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