The Adult Toys

Lounge Lizards

June 29, 2004

Two back-up singers/dancers in matching tube-tops said "Vodka!" in a breathy and excited way. With a big smile and swinging hips, lead singer/bassist Maverick followed their lead with "Scotch!"

Though the lyrics got deeper than that, The Adult Toys' campy and celebratory performance of "Tie One On" Tuesday night at Lounge Lizards was very representative of the band's tone. The local dance/groove seven-piece played an enjoyable show full of sexual innuendo. Of course, there was nothing subtle about song titles like "Your Place or Mine," "Lick," "Freak," and "Wand of Love." Rhodes and piano man Peter Dilorio, drummer Dave Sobel, guitarist Felix Wohlleben and a trumpet player rounded out the group.

Their open sexual nature wasn't creepy or threatening because it was playful. Their whole attitude reminded me of the scene in "Pee Wee's Big Adventure" where he danced on top of the bar to "Tequila." Their approach was a mix of the black and white '50's grandfatherly image of Hugh Hefner and the everything-goes approach of the '70's. Or maybe I'm just thinking of '70's pornos.

Either way, the music was fun, good and full of hooks. Very funky. Wah-wah licks came from Dilorio and Wohlleben, while Sobel added to the slithery "get it on" vibe with his street beats. The trumpet fit right in, and Dilorio's Rhodes added….sexiness, ok? Everything was sexy.

Most of the songs were mid-tempo, but they also got all Al Green with a slower number. In addition, the best funk bands in New Orleans would have been jealous of one nasty, explosive number.

The band was in a good mood, the crowd loved it, and the two dancers added a lot of silliness and levity to the show. But, and I'm only thinking about the theme of the band here, strapless bras should be a big no-no in the future.

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