Patient Zero

Checkpoint Charlie's

June 28, 2004


Patient Zero played mediocre rock covers at Checkpoint Charlie's Monday night. The quintet had a few people dancing through The Beatles' "Things We Said Today" and into The Talking Heads' "Psycho Killer," but after that things went downhill.

They missed changes, their guitar solos were annoying, and the drummer wasn't in time with the rest of the group. Of course, at times they were having fun, which was cool. At other times, their performance looked like another Monday night working.

The lead singer landed a few good jokes, but they couldn't get me over Patient Zero's average performance. They got my attention with an obscure Meat Puppets song, and then they did well in picking The Vaselines' "Molly's Lips." Still, the lead singer couldn't hit the harder notes required in most songs, especially "Psycho Killer."

The band had a hard shell, which was good. They calmed a drunk woman down who was on the edge of the stage and told her it would cost $20 to play the tambourine. They also protested the ejection of a one-legged drunk man who caused a stir in the room with his dancing.

About fifteen people were in the room. I enjoyed their eclectic taste, but they need to figure out how to get better before they start alienating everybody.

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