The Dragon's Den

June 25, 2004

Glorybee was eccentric. Their music was vulnerable, deadly, insane, childlike, sexy, and masculine. The show was full of theatrics.

Glorybee was a local quartet that mixed up genres very well at The Dragon's Den Friday night. Rock/soul/disco/rap/whatever. The band described their music as "children’s circus hip-hop or candy-coated cheerleader nightmare" on their website.

These guys didn't fool around. They put on their show faces, and they were still playing when I left at 3:15. I've never seen The Dragon's Den so packed. Glorybee was pianist/bassist/vocalist N. burga' Kang, vocalist Lord Hoffa, pianist MBK and drummer/percussionist Marky B.

They had no guitar, but it wasn't needed. Catchy melodies and synthesizer hooks kept the people dancing and rocking. There were sexy bongo and bass grooves, but the band also broke into a dark White Zombie-like rock song and a rap throw-down. Lord Hoffa's fast rhymes were high-quality and reminiscent of Outkast. Man, this music was good. These guys were freaky.

It was disjunctive. Pieces or voices didn't begin or end on a normal timescale. Add to that Kang's innocent little girl vocals followed by some robotic lyrics or screams and things got weird. In a very good way. It was argued by two friends who left early that the music was annoying and that there weren't enough linear melodies. This music might not be your bag. Just give it a shot.

Kang kicked ass on the bass, and Marky B kept up the pace with his child drum kit. Everything was so loud—his drums needed to be amplified. MBK was some kind of unconventional virtuoso, knowing when to throw down broken flourishes.

Two songs stuck out from their new album, "GYB: The First Power." "Atlantic Dance Panic" was an "Off The Wall"-era Michael Jackson tribute. The bad falsetto was stupid-fresh. "Basketball Camp" was a bumpin' number where Hoffa spit fast and Kang added her best cheerleading chants.

Hoffa's face was painted in an evil way, and his white suit gave him some demon-like credibility. MBK wore a pig mask, and Kang wore a monkey one.

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