Coachella Music Festival

May 02, 2004


Though French duo Air is grouped in the extremely broad Electronica genre, they sounded nothing like late '90's contemporaries The Prodigy or Daft Punk. They got me dancing, but the furthest I got was a heavy sway.

Jean-Benoit Dunckel and Nicolas Godin played trippy, hypnotic rock at an outside Coachella stage Sunday night. The music sounded like a mix of Paxil and Disco coming from a Moog and Rhodes. Against a dark sky, their light show enhanced the calm mood of their music. I got the same feeling from spacey Rock when I saw Morcheeba a few years ago. Air's music was a lot more focused, though. The songs sounded like well-written mini symphonies. I was in a happy trance the whole set. It was nice to hear their hit, "Sexy Boy."

The band was very polite, and they made me forget for a second that the USA is supposed to hate France right now.

Mmmmmm, euphoria.

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