D.J. Pasta

The Dragon's Den

June 25, 2004

A tall, lanky mop-top with glasses spliced booty music together at The Dragon's Den Friday night. D. J. Pasta used two turntables and a mixer to cut music in an intelligent, pleasing way.

The room was rollin'. Each record Pasta played sounded like it had twenty different samples on it. I don't know if you can order the records like that or what. However he did it, it was good.

There were some bloops, bleeps, and backwards revolutions to flesh out the sound, but when everybody hit the dance floor, Pasta gave them what they wanted. Pasta offered some rockin' late '70's and '80's Rap music to shake their ass to. I heard some Sugarhill Gang and Salt N' Pepa.

Local electronica group The Buttons were late to hit the stage, so Pasta got the dancefloor full until the band came on. Then, Pasta continued before Glorybee performed next.

If you need a D.J. for a house party, look no further than Pasta.

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