Snug Harbor

June 15, 2004


The band that won't die.

Saxophonist Brent Rose was the only founding member left in modern jazz quintet Quintology, but they managed to retain their enjoyable and exploratory sound. Pianist Victor Atkins, drummer Martine Orloff, bassist Edwin Livingston, and guitarist Brian Seeger carried on the Quintology legacy Tuesday night at Snug Harbor.

Legacy is a strong word, but no other modern jazz group could fill Astral Project's shoes. Quintology have been off the scene, so I had forgotten how good they were. They kept my interest for two sets because they drew from many different styles(Hard bop, cool, Latin, vocal). They swung hard with Rose's forceful, swift playing and Seeger's blistering rock n' roll solos.

A highlight was "ETD," a sexy, meandering, cool tune by Seeger led by Rose's theme-like sax lines. The song expressed perfectly the blues associated with waiting in an airport.

Atkins is the pianist for Los Hombres Calientes, and Rose is associated with Otra and Chevere, so it was no surprise Quintology's Latin-tinged numbers were executed with talent, energy and grace. Though, I was taken aback that the band was able to morph seamlessly into a romantic ballad outfit for a particularly soothing and beautiful song. A woman rested her head on the shoulder of her date.

Rose and Seeger took a stab at instrumentals to fill in the gap between songs. They were both wonderful, but Seeger reminded me he's one of the best jazz guitarists in town with his reserved and striking melodies.

Orloff fit well into the group with his loud and rock style. He added much to the band's adventurous approach by using all of his kit, plus a steel pipe against the wall.

The first floor was packed for the first set, so the second floor was used. The crowd showered the band with applause. Fifteen or so stuck around for the second set, when the band was laughing with each other and enjoying the music more. Probably because the pressure was off.

I'm waiting for another album. I'm waiting for them to hit the scene hard again. I'm waiting.

Thanks to Snug Harbor owner George for admission.

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