The Mermaid Lounge

June 13, 2004

Christian rock can rock? Yes, it's now official.

Josh Caterer broke up alternative rock band The Smoking Popes in 1999 after he converted to Christianity. The lead singer/guitarist was back with Chicago Pop/Rock band Duvall at The Mermaid Lounge Sunday night. He threw out faith-infused lyrics with music that was more Rock than Pop. with Chicago rock/pop band Duvall. They sounded like Jimmy Eat World without the adolescent confusion. Bassist Eli Caterer and drummer Rob Kellenberger rounded out the power trio.

Massive hooks marked the straightforward and zippy rock. Caterer's falsetto-covered angelic emo-like vocal delivery bolstered the authenticity of lyrics dealing with yearning and rejection. A great highlight was "All In Your Hands," a slow verse/fast chorus number that had Caterer talking to God("Don't waste your love on me/I'm no good at all").

Duvall hit the stage with little expectation, it seemed, and they were humbled and happy by the applause they got from the fifteen or so people in the crowd.

I enjoyed every song, and I was happy to see their first New Orleans performance. With Caterer's talent and acceptance of Christian rock rising, I think I'll be bragging to people I saw them before they got big.

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