One Eyed Jack's

June 05, 2004


The house music went off, and One Eyed Jack's filled with tension waiting for Placebot to begin his set. Minutes passed. The first sound that came from Placebot was the familiar ring of Microsoft Windows starting up. So, he wasn't very prepared.

The electronica DJ made up for it by playing a very enjoyable set. He had no discs to jockey, but he did have his console and a Fisher Price speakerphone. He fed taped voices over a trippy base populated with blips and startling noises. The voices came from "how to be a good parent" speeches, it seemed. This strange juxtaposition and sense of humor reminded me of Prince Paul's noodlings with Handsome Boy Modeling School, just without the rapping.

Placebot wasn't very beat-oriented. He normally started a song off by fooling with his nodules until he produced a progression or some sort of melody of noises he was content with. Then, he put a kick drum beat on top. Instead of morphing his songs together, every piece was divided by silence, which allowed for applause.

Placebot's music was fun. The set was calm and sleep-inducing, but it was mainly a freaked-out schizophrenic sonic excursion. Sounds came in and out at such speed that I immediately respected and appreciated the musicianship that went into his collage.

At the end, Placebot did the normal DJ "I got nothing left" shrug, and then he went backstage.

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