The Circle Bar

March 29, 2004


Three songs in, the bar was lined up, but only one man watched from the performance room. Vocalist/drummer/bandleader Jeffrey Clemens threw a disappointed look at his struggling, underappreciated band and reminded their show at The Circle Bar Monday night was their warm-up gig for Jazzfest.

Once guitarist/vocalist Alex McMurray burned a quick backhanded hole through Clemens, he approached the microphone and said, "Welcome to the Circle Bar." This was funny. "This is our warm-up gig for Jazzfest, so this is the best it's gonna get." Huge laughter.

Rounding out the foursome was guitarist Jonathan Freilich and Iguanas bassist/vocalist Joe Cabral.

Even when a bad gig seemed inescapable, Rock Steady cover band 007 used dry wit and charm to stall disinterest. The band found their groove, thanks to the hipster crowd that filled the place and threw dancers into the mix. From here on out, the band was unstoppable. The audience ate up their feel-good vibes and fun-loving harmonies and made the concert a party.

Watching 007's relaxed delivery was like watching four drunk friends jerk around on instruments. Except better. In the end, 007 is comprised of four talented musicians that like to play Jamaican music. Each member has more important main gigs. The Circle Bar was the rare place to hear normal Jazzman Freilich play great Rock guitar solos. Clemens made sure to mention if 007 covered a Peter Tosh or Toots and the Maytals song. This was a respectful move.

007 was fun to watch and listen to.

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