The Thrills

Coachella Music Festival

May 02, 2004

Even though they're from Ireland, rock group The Thrills sounded very Californian. Their sunny, bubblegum vibe wasn't a surprise—they spent four months recording their debut album on a beach in San Diego.

The band put on an inspired and tight performance Sunday afternoon in a large tent. They baited the crowd with expletives, jumped around, and did what hopefully all rock stars do: play good rock music. Their sound takes from The Byrds, Neil Young, and The Beach Boys especially. Their beautiful harmonies led my ears directly to a Wilson brothers connection. Their light disposition went perfect with the desert air flowing through the tent.

Bopping my head or bouncing around didn't get old, but their lyrics did. With the main concern of much of the lyrics being the distance between California cities, there was only so long I danced before I felt like an overly enthusiastic human resources speaker.

Despite that, it was a fun show, a happy good time, and I won't forget it. Next time they come to New Orleans(hopefully touring behind an intellectually deeper follow-up), I'm there.

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