I Tell You What

The Dragon's Den

March 01, 2004

"The blues, ladies and gentlemen."

This was what vocalist/guitarist Adam Crochet said after every song, even if they had just swerved into an instrumental noise freak-out.

The I Tell You What band played good blues/roots rock at The Dragon's Den Wednesday night. Drummer Quin Kirchner and bassist/vocalist Bill Richards rounded out the lineup.

The early twenty-somethings have only been together for six months, but their solid sound betrayed this fact. They knew when to stop and go to keep the music interesting, and they had their hooks and grooves down. The band played a couple slow ballads with high pitched guitar tones, along with a few hard rockers, but they mainly played mid-tempo numbers.

Crochet had some white boy soul, and his feedback-laden Stevie Ray Vaughn-like solos scorched my brain. Their melodic tendencies made me wanna scream. The band was great for three reasons: First, Crochet was comfortable speaking to the crowd. This was very important for an unknown band. Second, Kirchner's reserved yet proficient drumming served the music well, and he played a great shuffle. Third, Richards' walking bass and crisp tone made me wonder if The Dragon's Den had finally gotten a soundman.

Even though his detached approach made the music smokier and more dangerous, the main problem I had with the band was Crochet didn't speak directly into the microphone. Whether it was lack of confidence or a natural tendency, the vocals needed to be more in the mix. Crochet should have been better at selling his emotion, but the music still made up for it.

I tell you what....

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