3 Minute Sensations

The Circle Bar

February 09, 2004


3 Minute Sensations should spend some more time in the garage. The trio of sophomores from Loyola University played rock a la The Vines or the MC5 Monday night at The Circle Bar, but they didn't do it half as well. Guitarist/vocalist Nicholas Snow, keyboardist Patrick Difilippo and drummer Marie Bourgeois played to a room full of friends, who must have applauded politely.

The band was under-rehearsed. Most of their failure falls on the shoulders of Bourgeois, who missed many cues and was offbeat, while providing a loose, sloppy rhythm. The show displayed how important it is for a band to have a solid drummer.

Difilippo and Snow weren't exempt from fault, though. Difilippo’s playing wasn’t prominent enough in the mix, and he did little more than fill in where the bass guitar should have been. In addition, Snow didn't have enough rock star attitude. He wasn’t confident in his lyrical expression.

That said, the songs were interesting, some of the riffs were catchy, and they used a cowbell to add variety. These guys had the right idea. They just need to practice more and get secure before they venture back onstage.

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