The Cure

Coachella Music Festival

May 02, 2004

I inadvertently knew some of their singles. I was not a fan. Not to say I wouldn't like the music if given the chance. I was never drawn to it, and this might explain my reaction to their performance Sunday night on the main stage at Coachella.

Most importantly, the band was very tight, and Robert Smith's voice was other-worldly. He emoted well. He put so much emotion into his voice, which he was able to twist around in many different ways.

I was excited to see them because they only play so often and because they're a legendary band. I lost interest about a half hour into the music. Maybe it was a let down from the happiness involved with The Flaming Lips set which preceded The Cure.

A different, darker looking set of people moved in for The Cure performance. One woman freaked me out by talking to a baby doll she held.

I wasn't in the mood for the subtlety of The Cure, so I headed on over to see Ash, a hard rock band that was sure to just hit me over the head.

After Ash finished their set at midnight, I was walking away and could still hear The Cure playing, so I'm sure the fans got their fill.

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