The Bruisers

The Circle Bar

May 14, 2004

Local country/rock band The Bruisers played a C+ show at The Circle Bar Friday night. It could have easily been an A- performance, but a number of things brought their grade down.

The band was unrehearsed, the crowd were zombies, and the group wasn't into it. They were lethargic, and drummer Anna Arrieh looked downright unhappy to be there. Maybe they were doing some sort of cool detachment act, but it didn't work. Even when bassist/percussionist/accordionist Mary Tuminaro tried to turn the show around by playing her maracas with fierceness and a smile, her attempt failed 'cause the crowd wasn't having it.

Their music was good, though. That's why these guys could put on a decent show if they wanted to do it. The songs were mostly mid-tempo numbers, but one or two were slow ones. Tuminaro had a haunting, beautiful voice, and her torch song was the night's highlight. Her accordion added a nice Cajun touch to the songs. Vocalist/guitarist David Olivier used his yawling, high pitched country voice for the more traditional numbers. Lead guitarist/vocalist Jason Goodman played enjoyable solos, while Arrieh had an appropriate, elemental drumming style for the driving songs.

If these guys figure out they really want to play this music. If they practice. If they figure out a way to get the crowd into it—things may work out.

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