April 25, 2004

It's no surprise Supagroup are opening for the MC5 this summer. At Jazzfest Sunday afternoon, the local rock quartet played music with a hard rock tempo that had punk rock energy and bravado. The songs were catchy headbangers, but they certainly weren't polished, not even in the Guns N' Roses sense of the word. AC/DC? Yes.

These guys didn't want to make friends with other local bands(lead singer/guitarist Chris Lee made fun of Cowboy Mouth lead singer Fred LeBlanc onstage), and they weren't out to impress your girlfriend with their lyrics(song titles: "I Need a Drink," "Hog Wild," "Murder, Suicide, Death"). They just wanted to live the rock n' roll lifestyle. If they keep playing good rock music, that shouldn't be too difficult.

Lee and his brother/lead guitarist Benji were the energetic leaders of the band. Bassist Leif Swift and drummer Michael Brueggen rounded out the group. Chris was a charismatic singer who made jokes and broke down songs into clap-a-longs to goad the crowd into participating more. Chris' sidekick was Benji, a fireball that stalked the stage, did running acrobatic jumps, and turned out scorching solos. When Benji was shredding, Chris looked at the crowd and motioned to his brother in amazement, as if to say, "Look at what my brother is doing?! Clap, you bastards!"

These guys kicked ass. If you want to have some fun, see them in a small room.

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