The Spirit of New Orleans Jazz Band

French Quarter Festival

April 17, 2004

The Spirit of New Orleans Jazz Band(SONO) was from Finland, but I never knew it by listening to them. They actually had a more bumpin' sound than two other local brass bands. They did soothing Dixieland jazz, but they also upped the ante on the snare and bass to get a faintly funky sound going. The band was saxophonist Risto Salmi, trombonist Katja Toivola, guitarist Jarkko Palokas, sousaphonist Jussi Harju, and drummer Thomas Rönnholm.

The band played traditional numbers such as "Mobile Stomp," "Bogalusa Strut," "Panama Rag," and "Fidgety Feet." They were influenced and played music by modern jazz artists Kermit Ruffins and Leroy Jones. Ruffins joined them onstage in the past, but he didn't show up at the French Quarter Festival Saturday afternoon.

Bless these guys for doing a faithful rendition of traditional New Orleans jazz in Finland. Hope they continue to visit.

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