Son Del Pantano

The Dragon's Den

April 07, 2004

Guitarist/vocalist Alan Kapulski complained that there were only seven people in The Dragon's Den Wednesday night. Since the band started at 9:30, and the place doesn't get going until midnight, he shouldn't have expected the Spanish Inquisition.

Despite the low turnout, Cuban band Son Del Pantano put on a lively and enjoyable show for the devoted. Son Del Pantano was bassist Adam Booker, conga player Miguel Bannegas, and vocalist/guitarist David Greengold.

Son Del Pantano sounded like rhythmic guitar and harmony based mariachi music. It made me stomp my heels and move my knees up and down with the music. Greengold sung in Spanish, but Kapulski made it fun by accentuating themes with his high-pitched yell. Greengold kept the main melody and rhythm with an acoustic guitar, while Kapulski provided blistering solos and fills with a smaller tres guitar.

Son Del Pantano means "son from the swamp" in English. Taken from the band's web page(, "the musical styles of the African and European working classes in Cuba intermingled and emerged as son in eastern Cuba (el oriente) in the early 20th century." The band was a proud purveyor of the music, even though they admitted it's an antiquity most people don't recognize.

The band was tight, and their ironic humor broke the unbearable silence between songs. If these guys play around more often, they might get a following going.

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