Rocks of Harmony


April 24, 2004

There were big name acts floating around the Fairgrounds, but the Gospel tent was the place for continuous joy and fun. And if you believe in God or Jesus, all the better. The Gospel tent was where white people got to shake off their strict Catholic or Christian church rules. They threw their hands up in the air, yelled, and danced in the aisles. But, they needed to feel comfortable to be uninhibited.

That's where the Rocks of Harmony came in. It only took half a song before people were standing up and clapping along to the delicious traditional and contemporary gospel served up by this band. They were dressed in matching pinstripe suits, and Lord behold!—they had white handkerchiefs. The two vocalists, a father and son team, strutted and sung and preached so strongly that it was hard not to feel them. I stood by the left stage barricade, moving with the music and clapping like someone just moved by the spirit. It was great.

For a good time and a possible conversion, be sure to catch these guys at the next Jazzfest. They're a yearly staple now.

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