Rebecca Barry

Dos Jefes

February 12, 2004

Note to club owners: donít have a medium-sized TV tuned to CNNís Headline News while entertainment is playing in front of it. With its ticker and graphs, the show was addictive. I enjoyed saxophonist Rebecca Barryís versions of jazz standards Tuesday night, but I couldnít help but look up every once and a while. Even though she caught me looking and we exchanged a knowing smile, I saw her sneak a peek too.

Thatís not to say the set at Dos Jefes was boring. Barry, pianist Rob Block and bassist Robert Dixon did great, reserved covers of Monk, Fitzgerald, Hancock, and Gershwin, among others. Iíve just seen her have a whole lot more fun at other gigs while being able to display her musical range and talent. Dos Jefes had a well-to-do, uptight, and lounge singer atmosphere(I think itís the cigar smell), so when getting paid, go with the flow, I guess.

I didnít know Barry could sing, but she displayed her lovely voice on at least three swinginí ballads. Hatís off to Block, who made the group notable. Barryís control and low-ended flurry of notes left me on my side, but with Blockís deft choice of notes during solos and his smooth and swift movements, Barry just sounded better.

Simply, Barry and Blockís aggressive attack made the stuffy bar fun to be in.

The only problem with the night was that the bass wasnít loud enough, leaving me with an unsatisfactory impression of Dixon. Also, there were maybe only four people listening intently to the music before an actual busload of people came in ĺís of the way through the set.

Go see Rebecca Barry, even if it has to be at Dos Jefes. Just ask Ďem to turn the TV off.

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