The Mermaid Lounge

December 26, 2003


The guitarist had a coffin shaped guitar case. What else needs to be said?

With their hard grooves and thrash sound, Quiver are doing their best to live the metal dream. Though you’d be more likely to hear them at Zeppelin’s, they were greeted at The Mermaid with much applause and a sizeable crowd.

The band was a harder version of metal/pop band Disturbed. This comparison comes easily, as lead singer Tony is bald and has a similar “Wowwww!” yelp and aggressive/rolling vocal attack. The rest of the band was bassist Craig, drummer Tommy, and guitarist Lewie.

One problem with the set was that Tony's animation and confidence was not backed by the other band members, making the sound's energy seem fake. Also, Tommy's tempo was sometimes off, and he played too many notes.

The songs were structured well and Lewie was extremely talented, but the band’s sound didn't gel for the experience to be completely enjoyable. Hopefully, in time.

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