The Animals and The Bee Gees

Carrollton Station

October 31, 2009


I didn't know Alex Smith could play guitar. The bassist, known for his work with Theresa Andersson and World Leader Pretend, showed off some impressive axe work as the one man backing band for The Bee Gees at Carrollton Station Halloween night. Smith arranged the covers and interludes, which were snippets from the Daft Punk oeuvre. The Bee Gees+Daft Punk go together suprisingly well. Smith dressed as one half of Daft Punk, sporting a leather jacket and a motorcycle helmet, complete with visor and weird ear speaker thingies.

The Gibb brothers were Eric Corveau as Andy, Sarah Fontenelle(sporting an impressive amount of chest hair) as Barry, and Michael Patrick Welch as Robin. They were dressed in white, and at one point, Andy showered the stage with cocaine(flour). The three obviously practiced, as they traded verses and sang cool high-pitched harmonies.

The whole performance was pretty spot on and a lot of fun to watch and dance to. I thought I didn't like The Bee Gees, but I apparently do.

Next up was local Park the Van rock band Giant Cloud as The Animals. They sounded exactly like I imagine The Animals did. Their tone was a match, and their execution was almost flawless. Pretty impressive considering the band admitted they didn't really practice for the set. They obviously got by because they loved the material and knew it by heart. It was nice to hear some rock and roll. Not rock--rock n roll. I musta had at least five people come up to me and, so impressed with their performance, ask, "Who are these guys?" Look out for Giant Cloud.

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