The Local Skank

Circle Bar

October 21, 2009


Ahhhh, ska. How I've missed you. Remember back in '97 when you were popular and your bands were on magazine covers? Did I ever tell you I bought a Mighty Mighty Bosstones record? Whatever happened to them? Reel Big Fish?

Ska, I don't mean to upset you. The fate of The Urge is meaningless to me. What's important is that we're back together, thanks to The Local Skank. What? You've never heard of them? I know you've been down on yourself, but how do you create something without knowing? I mean...ska! Don't run away! Please sit back down. Be still, my ska. Have some biscotti. Take a sip of my tea.

Let me tell you about local group The Local Skank. They consist of four women(bass, trumpet, trombone, guitar, vox) and one man--the drummer. They get that party started, ya herd me? No, I know you can hear me--it's an expression we use now. Anyway, The Local Skank played fun and silly originals("Pants," "Stalker Ex-Girlfriend") and awesome covers(The Anti-Nowhere League's "So What" and Reel Big Fish's "She's Got a Girlfriend Now") at The Circle Bar Wednesday night, and they brought a doggone decent crowd with them. Things are looking up.

Ska, if you puke on my silk sheets...

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