One Eyed Jacks

September 27, 2009


Monotonix never touched the stage. The rock trio from Tel Aviv began their set at One Eyed Jacks Sunday night by clearing a way for their drummer, and the crowd surrounded them on the floor and started to go batshit as soon as the music began. Monotonix's music sounds like abandon as much as their show embodies it. It's chainsaw fuzz guitars accompanied by pounding drums and a screaming frontman. The kind of stuff it's easy to headbang along with and mosh to and even, as I saw a few times, crowdsurf to.

Monotonix have become known for a freedom of expression. They encourage it among the audience by displaying it, by becoming a part of the audience, moving their drums and focus from floor to bartop to balcony and back down again. I think that people get so crazy at their shows because they know they've been given the OK to, by the band, and also because they think there's a good possibility something fucked up might happen and woo-hoo! to that.

By stepping outside of the traditional boundaries of performing and putting themselves on the line physically, they've created their own lore and set themselves apart. There's certainly a method to this madness, but I haven't quite figured it all out yet, not that I expect to or even really want to. I like believing in Monotonix, and their brothers-in-arms The Giraffes, as much as the next person. I know the band did request all plastic--no glass-- for the show, though. And they seemed to have figured that wearing next to nothing(small running shorts) facilitates the kind of craziness they're into.

I don't remember one person not being into this show. Sure, some stood back and watched, in awe it seemed, but most got into the circle and became it. I love not knowing what's gonna happen next, and Monotonix is awesome for giving that feeling out.

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