Eric Lindell

Circle Bar

August 17, 2009


A few songs into the third set, Eric Lindell and his trio pulled out "Hard to Believe." In front of seven hardcore fans who survived a packed house, Lindell had such an arsenal of songs that he could still shower them with a great one.

Though it was wistful, tender, and heartbroken, the song was sexy and full of efficient, spacious groove.

The same groove that the band found throughout the night. It seemed to appear from playing minimally and well-arranged R&B. Though there were some impressive, sudden, twists and turns in the song structures, what each song went back to again and again was a solid pulse that, for example, Lindell could solo around. His solos were always pleasing and tasteful. A succession of yesses.

Though some of the lyrics were obvious and a bit sappy, Lindell's choice of covers or originals was always ace. The music just works, is undeniable in such an intimate venue.

A beautiful commiseration. Warming the heart by breaking it a touch. Among friends.

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