Paradise Vendors

Cafe Brasil

April 11, 2004


Flamenco, surf guitar, and cabaret.

The first three words vocalist Jeanne Stallworth used to describe Paradise Vendors' music. Guitarist Robert Vicnair, drummer Elzy Lindsey, keyboardist Anton Gussoni, and bassist/accordionist Dave Baker round out the spooky local rock band.

The band sounded like the darker aspects of New Orleans run through a psychedelic device at Café Brasil Sunday night. Maybe a woman running in fear and confusion from one end of a shotgun house to the other. Or white curtains dancing as a woman caressed the dying face of her obsession.

The woman in question was Stallworth, whose seductive and dramatic delivery added beautiful character to the songs. The slithery numbers were reminiscent of any original music on David Lynch's "Lost Highway" soundtrack. Malevolent surf guitar along with stalking bass and midnight ride cymbal tones. A pinch of punk rock was thrown in the show. Gussoni, formerly of Electrical Spectacle, used a Moog to create the high pitched electric noises/nuances in the music. The accordion added to the music's weird feeling.

Paradise Vendors played at The New Orleans Food Co-op get-together. The band was tight, but better than that was Stallworth's go-go like energy as she bounced and pranced onstage. She was confident, and her voice sounded beautiful.

Creepy rock and New Orleans skipping hand in hand through a tunnel.

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