Black Keys

Lollapalooza--Grant Park--Chicago

August 01, 2008


How does Dan Auerbach get that humming-through-your-teeth guitar sound? It pleases my heart something fierce.

This show was a good time. The rockin' songs, which were most of them, pleased the crowd, while the more contemplative, slow numbers washed them with a holy breeze. Thanks to Auerbach's strangely authentic voice, they felt real, like The Delta blues was visiting and christening everyone there. The harder, faster numbers("Strange Times" was so awesome I almost dislocated my head) worked better, as you'd imagine in a festival atmosphere. I understand why they might keep it a duo, but I still wish there was a bass player up there.

Drummer Patrick Carney was workin' hard for his money. He looked ecstaticly exhausted with four songs left, his hair a sweat mat and his face contortions displaying his passion for the music.

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