Iron and Wine

Lollapalooza--Grant Park--Chicago

August 03, 2008


My Mom's birthday. I gave her a call from underneath the trees. That was a great thing about Lollapalooza. There was always shade to be had, more than at ACL and gobs more than at Coachella, that desert nightmare/dream we endure for the great lineup. There are many trees in Grant Park, and by Sunday, I was tired of the Sun, so I probably spent a good 1/3 of the day underneath the leaves.

Since it was a good walk(ten to fifteen minutes) from one big stage to the other, I usually stuck to one side or the other, taking the trek once or twice per day. The biggest acts played on the Bud Light or Playstation stages on one side and on the AT&T and MySpace stages on the other. The second the Bud Light stage went dark, the Playstation started up, same going for the other side.

Iron and Wine played on The Bud Light stage and was a cool surprise. I've only seen Sam Beam solo, accompanied by audience shooshers that sometimes got louder than the people they were shooshing. Sunday he was backed by a four piece band. I loved the percussionist. His many trinkets added such color to the songs. The band could rock out, which occasionally they did, but most of the time not. The main suprise was that Beam's music was more psychedelic and floaty and world music-influenced when fleshed out.

Which was great. I needed that trip, even if I didn't know it and wasn't close enough to the stage to fully absorb it(I'd love to see the band in a smaller venue). Every song was enjoyable, probably because they were all so thought out and detailed. At the same time, they jammed a bit here and there.

The woman guitarist's vocals were sweet and high. A friend said they saw her walking around and gave her a compliment on the music after the show, to which she was a little shocked, like she never gets recognized.

The drummer was very very versatile. Sometimes he took the snares off, sometimes he used just a shaker, other times he focused on the toms or created some kind of hypnotic, circular repetition or accented all world music-like with rim shots.


House By The Sea
The Devil Never Sleeps
White Tooth Man
Pagan Angel and a Borrowed Car
Peace Beneath The City
Love And Some Verses
The Night Descending
Boy With A Coin
Upward Over The Mountain
Woman King

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