Tilly and the Wall

One Eyed Jacks

July 19, 2008


The kids have taste. The 200 or so twenty-somethings that showed up at One Eyed Jacks Saturday night came for a good band, simply. Tilly and the Wall are different, obviously because they switch between a drummer and a clogger for the beat(and sometimes both go at once). They capture the punk spirit of their youth but also display an instrumental efficiency and quirkiness that normally only comes with confidence gained later in life. This isn't just some here today/gone tomorrow indie band. This band is reinventing what pop rock can be, and that's exciting.

The voices of the two female lead singers harmonize perfectly for sweetness, and it's nice when the male guitarist steps to the mic to add a sort of sexual call and response. The girls could also get mean, like on "Pot Kettle Black," shouting obscenities. Even though there was an innocence to them, especially considering their bleached blonde hair and girl group dresses, I really believed and accepted their anger. Punk, meet a girl group influenced by psych era Beatles and Beach Boys.

Almost all the songs were musically buoyant, though some came with melancholy lyrics. Wish they coulda brought a trumpet player along to match the albums.

The crowd was kinda lame. Only the first couple rows danced.

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