Tangerine Love Church

Circle Bar

July 17, 2008


Missy Meatlocker, who plays covers on her ukulele during Monday happy hours at the Circle Bar, has been showing a family around town and letting them open up for her. This family from Detroit is also a band called Tangerine Lovechurch. There's father Caleb Kent, who plays acoustic guitar. Then there's Baba Jones, the 8 year-old vocalist behind one of the best songs ever, "Ninjas"(sample lyric: "Ninjas have to pay car insurance. They also have to get groceries"). Last but not least, there's 5 year-old Revel Devil, a boy ready for Broadway. He sings one of my favorite lines--"The wind is invisible," from the song entitled "Wind."

At 10 p.m., TLC was the first of three groups to play, and there was a sizeable crowd craning their necks around the bar to see what all the "kid band" hype was about. Only the devotees of the band were with them from the beginning. Everyone else filed in during "Circle Bar," when Revel screamed into the mic repeatedly for emphasis. Baba was on point for her "rum" line during the song, showing that the band isn't just improv and that they have practiced.

The band was great, in a large part, because through them I got to see life from a child's perspective again. I think every adult wants some of that innocence back--the place where you would not ironically ponder ninjas and their lives while you played with ninja action figures.

In short, the band was awesome and adorable and made me love life. They're playing Thursday before The Bruisers at 7:30. They go back to Detroit on August 1st. Go to their myspace page: myspace.com/tangerinelovechurch for audio and video--click "video" next to "pics."

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