House of Blues--The Parish

July 15, 2008


Thank God Ours frontman Jimmy Gnecco can write decent rock songs, because if he only wrote crappy ones, I'd have a worse time at his concerts. If his songs were so hypothetically shitty, why wouldn't I just not go at all? A proper response, my friend. BEECCAAUUSSEE, he has one of the best voices in rock, and I'm absolutely positive(I mean, like, I would bet you $100 if we ran into him) that he could make a driver's manual sound like "Ave Maria."

Speaking of "Ave Maria," it's one of the songs he took on last Tuesday at The Parish Room. He nailed it, solo, and he's a DUDE! If I called it powerful, I'd still be about 9/10's away from describing how awesome it was.

Though his songs were dark and emotional powerhouses on their own, it was smart of Gnecco to focus the concert on his voice. He knows what pays the bills and what the people want, hence his a capella intros and codas and solo songs w/ guitar.

I was sad to see only about 50 people there. It made it more intimate, but too bad. I gotta admit that I was bit drunk during Ours, so I had a really good time, but I really think the songs were that good and cathartic and not just a result of the alcohol. Or maybe...

Also, a dude proposed to his girlfriend at the show! They met at the Ours show in New Orleans a year ago, and there he goes getting called up on stage by the band(they were in on it) like he was gonna help sing a song, but then he started telling the story of meeting his girlfriend, and then his girlfriend appeared ran up on stage, he got on one knee, and she said yes, and it was so cool. Great vibes ar that moment.

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