Birds of Avalon and Mudhoney

One Eyed Jacks

June 16, 2008


Birds of Avalon don't sound like they're from Raleigh, North Carolina. They sound like an ethereal stoner rock band from California, and maybe they get their psychedelia and polished, silvery vocals from NC.

No matter. Birds of Avalon blew my mind last night at One Eyed Jacks. I think it was the dueling lead guitars that did it. Sometimes they doubled each other, and at others one played lead and the other played rhythm. No surprise they're married. The band was great because each part of it seemed to travel on its a personal yet collective path. The drums gettin' proggy, off course but subtly still keepin' on the 1--basically, everyone was all over the place but still together and making sense. Not that they were irresponsible. They knew what they were doing. I didn't have to to know that it sounded great. Definetely for those with ADD, my dancing changed regularly.

They certainly had a knack for melody and tasty riffs, but they obviously also like puzzles, and thankfully they left their more jammy, ambient songs on their records. This set was about release and rock and loud guitars and fuzz. Three of the members sang, and when they did, there was a strange but awesome sinister spirituality ingrained within.

Mudhoney was pretty awesome, too. They spurred a mosh pit for a few songs, the most popular slections being "Touch Me I'm Sick," "In N Out of Grace," "Suck You Dry," "You Got It," and Sweet Young Thing Ain't Sweet No More."

They didn't say much, but that lead guitar feedback and wail was still there and they performed like a band tried and true, a band put through the fire and only stronger because of it, a band ready to rip your band to shreds.

Visceral, visceral, visceral. They opened with "The Money Will Roll Right In," a Fang cover that I became familiar with when Nirvana covered it.

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