The Physics of Meaning

The Circle Bar

May 14, 2008


Just listen to the first track of The Physics of Meaning's new CD, "Snake Charmer and Destiny At The Stroke of Midnight," to feel how awesome it must have been to soak up that solo violin in the Circle Bar before the quartet kicked in. Daniel Hart's violin prowess, in the way it's rock-oriented, is something I've never seen before. Sure, Sam Craft and Theresa Andersson are great in their own way, but this guy was a freak(he tours with John Vanderslice and St. Vincent and has contributed to The Polyphonic Spree).

This group from Durham played revelatory, emotionally raw rock full of pleas for light in the face of darkness. The band pulled me into the darkness to show me the light. The playing was so crisp(I always think of The Beatles when I think of crisp) from each member--especially the guitar--he got that Jonny Greenwood tone a few times. No surprise then that a few of the songs reminded me of somber Radiohead. I heard a little Travis Morrison in Hart's voice, as well.

The music was subtly epic, if that's even possible. It's so well constructed that you don't recognize the movements and how everything connects until later.

My favorite song was "Song for a Snake Charmer." Ugh, that riff! Not a lot of people were there, and the few people that were were texting or talking or not all that interested. Why does this break my heart? Why can't I accept when people aren't as interested as me? I just can't imagine having music be such a non-factor that I could go to a show and talk or text or whatever. I'm disheartened. Here comes this great, life-changing music into the city and where are the musicians at least to support it? Where is their curiosity? No wonder we don't get as many shows as we should through here. Enough of the self-righteous blah.

But, really, WAKE UP!

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