White Colla Crimes

The Howlin' Wolf

May 10, 2008


Where do I start? These guys are too much, in a very good way. Especially if you're coming from I Octopus, a psychedelic noise rock band, which is the only other way I know 3 of the eight(or is nine?) people in WCC. This local group is a fun, amoral and hedonistic hip hop group full of gangsta rap tributes and 808's. They wear ties onstage and rap about, you guessed it, white colla crimes--and strippers, crack(?), 40's...well, everything that's important to white guys(and one girl) in their early to mid 20's.

Here's another awesome piece of the puzzle--their onstage names: Paper Shredda, Joint Venture, USB-bop, Tha Fax Machine, Tek Luv, and Dj Nazdak--those are the best ones.

WCC would have been perfect for "Office Space." Oh, well. Mike seems to be the focal point of the group, as he plays guitar and raps the best(sorry other rappers). The only problem with the live show was occasional non-superior rapping, but I stuck with them just because they're so ridiculous. I highly recommend these guys.

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