Marco Benevento

One Eyed Jacks

May 02, 2008


I've never seen a band meld the pop and jam idioms so well together. This Marco Benevento show was hella enjoyable. The music could be pretty, quirky, and childlike, with Benevento taking the lead with a sticky sweet melody or one of his toys. It could also rock, with Reed's fat bass going to the foregfront while drummer Matt Chamberlain left his crispness behind and laid into his ride.

This band had obviously played many times before. They knew when to stay the course, and they knew the pockets where they could improvise.

This is where I completely geek out on Matt Chamberlain. Man, his combination of feel and choice had me drooling. It was like I was sitting at the feet of a master, taking a lesson. Go on witch ya bad self, Matt Chamberlain.

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