Theresa Andersson

Circle Bar

April 28, 2008


There was a great, positive, laid-back, sensual vibe in the Circle Bar that night. Everyone there was in it for the music, and they all were in the same glorious mood.

Andersson's poppy, introspective and touching music was well suited for the intimacy of the bar. She played by herself, surrounded by drums, instruments, pedals and two mics. Andersson created the songs by layering "parts" on top of each other with her looping pedals. This required incredible precision, and I was pretty impressed that she didn't miss any cues.

One great song was "Na Na Na Empty Heart," which she started by playing this pretty awesome drum beat and fill. After she created the children-in-a-schoolyard-like "na na na" chant, after the second verse, where she opened up her mouth and reached her voice into the stratosphere for angelic tones. She used it to its full potential, also taking it wide. What a range and more importantly, endurance.

Another cool one was the snuggly love song, "Hi Low." It was so relaxing, like a welcome exhaustion. It seemed effortless and its satiated pastoral breathing lowered my heartbeat.

Her music is pretty. The instrumentation is very well thought out. Like when you listen to it, it doesn't even feel like someone could have created it. It feels more like the music was there all along--someone just had to listen the right way for it. Kudos to Andersson for creating that illusion.

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