Jazzfest Day 4


May 03, 2008


Damn, I really thought I saw more music this year, but apparently not. This day's focus was on The Roots at The Congo Square Stage.

The band hit with a couple of hits, including "Superstar," and "The Seed," before they moved into a medley of popular hip hop songs from yesteryear. Then Ludacris came out for a pretty cool rendition of his hit "Stand Up." The crowd went wild when Luda hit the stage, predictably, and I was surprised he only stayed for one song. Next up in the set was a re-working of Dylan's "Masters of War," which was cool at first but then dragged on and on until I was thinking, "Wait, I'm here to hear The Roots, not Dylan." They have so many great songs, and they wanna spend ten minutes on a Dylan cover? Lame. If they did that at a club show I paid a lot for, I'd be really pissed. Needless to say, that's when I left. Maybe The Roots are tired of themselves, and that's why they jam, but they need to remember that we're not tired of them.

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