Jazzfest Day 3


May 02, 2008


This was a busted day for music. It was more about food and friends. I saw pieces of 007(when aren't they good?) and Glenn David Andrews, who didn't impress like I thought he would considering the buzz about him. Good stuff, but nothing new. Did I miss something?

I'd like to recommend the Mirliton Casserole and The Crabmeat Po-Boy, as well as my perennial favorite, the Crawfish Beignets, and a no-brainer, The Crawfish Monica and bread(why did I capitalize the food?).

The only band I saw more than thirty minutes of was The Bad Plus, who were fuck great but not exactly engaging. I sat in the bleachers in the back, and though I recognized Iverson's awesome piano chord repetition and choices and the delicate flurry of King's drumming, it wasn't grabbing. The originals were undeniably good, but the crowd didn't perk up until their covers. "Everybody Wants to Rule The World" was the set highlight. It was great to see the crowd none the wiser during the first verse and then completely revelatory once the chorus hit.

I missed Stevie Wonder. Am I disappointed in myself? You bet, but I had to leave to straighten something up at work. Feel free to write in your own Stevie review. I'd like to know. Haven't really heard anything at this point, which is weird.

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